Stay Well this Winter with a Little Help from Some Friends


Even though it doesn't quite feel like it here in Texas, winter weather is coming and with it the sniffles and sickness that happens as the seasons change. 

Here are our top choices for helping battle the winter health blues. Available at the office, or through our online store! 


Black elderberry syrup: has long been used by Native Americans to treat respiratory infections. Immune booster, antioxidant that strengthens immune system and soothes inflammation, expectorant.  For use by adults and children.


Great for breaking up thick mucous and drainage. Clears viruses, bacteria and allergens. Spray into each nostril and let drain down throat. Can use multiple times/day as needed.  For use by any age.

ImmunoG PRP

Boosts the immune system. Chew two daily. For use by adults and children.


Fever reducer, antimicrobial properties. Supports the immune system while removing toxins. Start as soon as first symptom of illness. Label has directions on use. Olive leaf is the main ingredient. For use by adults.

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