PQQ Plus 30ct
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PQQ Plus 30ct

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DESCRIPTION PQQ Plus, provided by Douglas Laboratories, supplies 20 mg pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), the novel compound that some consider to be a newly discovered vitamin and 50 mg of alpha glycerylphosphoryl choline (alpha GPC) for optimal neurological health in each vegetarian capsule.

FUNCTIONS Pyrrolloquinoline (PQQ) is an enzyme cofactor functionally related to the B vitamin family. First recognized as an enzyme cofactor in bacteria, additional findings indicate it may have been present throughout early biological development. Recent evidence indicates PQQ can support several signal transduction pathways that are important in maintaining mitochondrial homeostasis and oxidative function, as well as supporting healthy levels of nerve growth factor and receptor activity.† In humans, PQQ has been scientifically studied for its neuroprotective properties.† In one double blind placebo controlled study in middle aged and elderly adults, supplementation with PQQ was found to support healthy cognitive function, including high end mental processing.† This unique water-soluble nutrient is combined with the clinically backed pro-phospholipid alphaGPC (glycerylphosphorylcholine). Human studies indicate Alpha GPC may support normal memory and neurological functioning in adults.† PQQ Plus has been specially formulated with these two novel ingredients to support overall neurological health, normal memory retention and cognitive function.

INDICATIONS PQQ Plus may be a useful dietary supplement for individuals wishing to support healthy cognitive and mental functioning.

FORMULA (#200559) 1 vegetarian capsule contains

BioPQQ™......................... 20 mg (as pyrroloquinoline disodium salt)

Alpha GPC ........................50 mg (alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine)

SUGGESTED USE Adults take 1 capsule daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.