Slathering on Sunscreen Shows Results

Connie's Corner

Slathering on Sunscreen Shows Results, Researchers Find –

This is another good article on why to use sunscreen! If you are young enough to not have saggy wrinkled skin yet or you do not want to go any further south than you have read this! Now that being said putting the least amount of chemicals on our skin as possible is good. The Climb On Sunscreen is the cleanest and is great for kids who do not care if they look a bit ghost like at the pool. That stuff stays on too! The Elta Sunscreens are my personal favorite and I use the Lotion SPF 40 for daily use on my body as my body lotion and the Elta Face Sunscreen on my face. I also use the their sport 46 SPF when I go out to row or I am going to be out in the sun sweating for the day.

Happy Summer!


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